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Our passion is to see believers live Spirit-empowered lives. Jesus said the Spirit's  power is given to help us to be witnesses (Acts 1:8). In pursuit of this mission, we self-publish The Harvester's Handbook as a major part of our training ministry. Available now for over 17 years, they are used by over 100+ churches in all kinds of communities from coast to coast (in English and Spanish), with many testimonies received. Several hundred thousand of "God's Adoption Contract" (gospel tract) have been distributed in the U.S. and overseas in English & Spanish.

Our prayer is that through this ministry, many will come to know Christ, and many will truly learn what it is to follow our Lord and Savior.

About the Author

The following are insights about the author of the materials available through this website - to help you know him as we do.

James Hall is the son of missionaries John and Cuba Hall, with whom he spent 8 1/2 of his growing up years in Burkina Faso, West Africa. He was active in student ministries in high school and the University of Missouri, where he received a BA in English Literature. He graduated from Covenant Theological Seminary in 1970 with a Master of Divinity. Since then he has served as Chi Alpha Director for the Illinois District Assemblies of God (6 1/2 years) and as senior pastor of Urbana, Illinois Assembly of God (9 1/2 years). After several teaching trips to Singapore, Jim and his family spent a year on the pastoral staff of Calvary Charismatic Centre (A/G) in Singapore, where he began writing materials for new Christians.

Jim and his wife Betty have been married for 46 years, and they have two children: Julie (37) and Joshua (35). The Halls have resided in Springfield, Missouri, since 1989.

After years of careful study of the Scriptures, much thought, and countless personal witnessing and discipling exchanges, God birthed these guidelines and lessons in Jim's spirit and made them available to others under the title The Harvester's Handbook (recently re-edited and renamed THRIVE - A Handbook for New Christians). God has also called him to travel to churches using these materials to personally train members in personal evangelism and discipling new believers. In March 1992, the Halls received appointment as U.S. missionaries with the Assemblies of God. Their ministry is focused on the major population centers of the U.S., "equipping the saints unto the work of the ministry," (Ephesians 4:12). Their methods include training in friendship evangelism and discipling, publishing materials used in the training courses. 

Over the past 20 years, Jim and Betty Hall have placed thousands of Harvester's Handbooks (now THRIVE) in the hands of harvest-laborers across the U.S. and other countries. The testimonies that have come in are greatly encouraging.


To schedule for ministry, please email Jim at To order materials, visit the NCLM Store.

Rev. James H. Hall


A note from Jim's wife, Betty:

Prior to Jim stepping out in faith in training ministry, he had numerous prophecies given over the years to confirm that God would use him and his area of ministry around the world. Doors have opened to his teaching and to the materials he has written all across the U.S and in countries around the world. His discipleship material is currently in English, Spanish, Portuguese, Bulgarian, German, Russian, and Chinese.

His heart's cry has always been for people, and that they would come to know God in a personal way and receive the promise of Eternal Life. He has taken so many steps of faith to make this ministry possible because he truly has a mandate from the Lord to train and equip people in personal evangelism and discipleship.

The nature of his calling has required a lot of personal sacrifice and traveling many miles, but we all are so aware of his calling and the intensity of his mission. I am willing to spend some days apart, pack suitcases over and over again & man the office & home front while he is gone. This enables me to share in the work of the ministry to enable him to go.

It has been my privilege & joy to love, to be married to, and to be loved by him for 43 years. He has not only been my husband and the wonderful father of our two children, but he is my best friend, and has been a pastor and counselor to me as well. He has been an example to me of Christ's likeness in good times, and equally in times of sorrow, disappointment, and misunderstanding.

Some of his common expressions are "This didn't take God by surprise", "God is our source", and "Remember, God keeps the books!" His faith and encouragement have helped me to know God better and to grow more deeply in Him.

God has given him experiences in many of life's situations and across all age groups. Even when his faith has been tested, I have seen him stand firm and NEVER let his faith waver. When our son was born with a major heart defect which led to 8 surgeries & resulted in a heart transplant at age 17 to be followed by lung cancer from the transplant medication 4 months later, my husband stood firm and we drew strength from the Lord through each other. He knows pain and deep heartache, but he has never let it rob his belief in Jesus Christ and His mighty power. His heart's desire and passion is that everyone would share in the knowledge and experience it first hand.

He lives what he preaches and what he writes. He loves greatly and he is loved greatly by his family & friends. I can assure you that all of the time and effort that goes into his writing and teaching ministry as well as the ministry of this web-site is not for personal gain, but that Jesus Christ be lifted up and that all would come to know Him as Savior and Lord.

Betty Hall


A note from Jim & Betty's son, Joshua:

The name "Christian" means "Christ-like." Although none of us could ever obtain Christ's perfection, He longs for each one of us to strive for it. My dad is not perfect, as no man is, but he gives it his all each day. For as long as I can remember, I seemed to almost never wake up before my dad. In the morning he was always found to be pacing the kitchen floor in prayer or sitting at the table studying his Bible. I see my dad and know the way that he is and the way that he lives, but it takes stepping back to reflect on those ways to realize the humility and honor within them.

James Hall is a man who seems indifferent to the status of any person. I have seen him time and again take time out of his days to chat with a stranger or lend a helping hand to one who needs it. I have stayed at church till everyone has left because my dad took time for everyone who needed a listening ear. I have seen him witness to doctors, nurses, technicians, custodians, and discouraged parents during my time spent in hospitals battling a heart problem I was born with. I have sat up late at night talking with him about life, death, God and many other things. I have looked up from a hospital bed to see a concerned, yet hopeful face pray for me before entering surgery. And I don't believe I have ever seen another man so committed to his wife. His endless humility and patience have served as an example for me while growing up and have allowed him to follow a certain calling so few have previously taken.

A friend of mine once had a conversation with my dad, and when my dad left the room my friend turned to me with sincerity and said, "I think he is the kindest man I've ever known." It has seemed to me that my dad has had an unspoken motto in life: "To give until I have nothing left to give, and when I am empty-handed, the Lord will provide." Jesus taught us to be servants to all. I am thankful for a dad who has learned to heed that calling.

Joshua Hall

A Note From Julie, James & Betty's Daughter:

Many people know my dad as a preacher or teacher, and they know the message he preaches about. But what they don't know is the man behind the message. They don't know that he really does practice what he preaches - that he does apply to his own life the things he teaches to others.

My dad is a man who is very devoted to his family. He has been a quality example of what a husband and father should be, and has given my brother and me an example of how we should live and what to look for in a mate.

His occupation has often meant that there were a lot of people depending on him, looking to him for advice, or just needing his support. Yet he always made sure that we knew we were his first priority. He always had time for his family. When we were growing up he was always there for the everyday ordinary things, like dragging me out of bed every morning, making me drink my orange juice with my breakfast, and then taking my brother and I to school. But he also spent a lot of special time with us. Whether he was making his specialty pancakes on Saturday morning, playing basketball with us in the front yard, or reading us Bible stories before bed, our childhood was very special because of the time he spent with us. Even though a lot of it was merely everyday, ordinary stuff, he was not so caught up in his work that he had no time for his kids, and he really showed how much he loved us. Through these activities and many others, he was lovingly instilling in us family values, a sense of priorities, and principles that we would need for meeting the challenges of life.

Throughout the years, he has always been there beside us - helping us, guiding us and loving us. Any successes we have achieved have been due in part to him standing behind us. I am fortunate to call him my dad.

Julie Green


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